This is a well kept local secret! Coastal Rainforest Honey is harvested and packaged with love in Cape Tribulation by long-time local James and his French partner Audrey. It’s pure, raw, unfiltered rainforest honey and it’s just divine and decadent. Perfect over morning muesli or pancakes, lavish thickly on toast or serve generous portions with cheese platters.

James’ passion for all things bees, from raising them, to sustaining them and enjoying their bounty, is what started the Coastal Rainforest Honey dream. What started as a hobby turned into a business about 3 years ago. Native bees are a very important insect in the area, for pollenating native plants, and their numbers in areas of Australia are dropping.  James tends them carefully through extreme weather and harvests the honeycomb in a specific way to ensure the bees survival.  Now we can all enjoy.

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Daintree Food Trail Open Update

Daintree Food Trail Open Update

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