This is where the locals shop, making it a great place to ponder over fresh produce and see what’s in season. The Daintree Rainforest Village general store has a firm focus on sourcing fresh food from farms in close proximity, which means when you buy here, there’s low food miles and just the most amazingly tasty fruit and vegetables. And of course The Tea Chest blends and Daintree Tea grown just a few hundred metres away.

Stock varies across the year, pending the season and may include mangosteens, soursop, mango, limes, lychee, rambutans, coconuts and more. Daintree Food Co micro greens are available year round and Rebecca supplies handmade sweets every Sunday morning.  Make your own grazing plate with the addition of locally produced meat and dairy, not to mention dips and cheeses. Lots more on site, including powered and unpowered camp sites, petrol and ATM.

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Daintree Food Trail Open Update

Daintree Food Trail Open Update

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